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1The Castle of Adventure Enid Blyton 1946
2The Circus of Adventure Enid Blyton 1952
3The Secret Island Enid Blyton 1938
4The Secret of Spiggy Holes Enid Blyton 1940
5The Secret Mountain Enid Blyton 1941
6The Secret of Killimooin Enid Blyton 1943
7The Secret of Moon Castle Enid Blyton 1953
8The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat Enid Blyton 1944
9The Mystery of the Invisible Thieves Enid Blyton 1950
10The Mystery of the Missing Necklace Enid Blyton 1947
11The Mystery of the Banshee Towers Enid Blyton 1961
12The Rilloby Fair Mystery Enid Blyton 1950
13The Rat-A-Tat Mystery Enid Blyton 1956
14The Ragamuffin Mystery Enid Blyton 1959
15Good Old Secret Seven Enid Blyton 1960
16Good Work Secret Seven Enid Blyton 1954
17Well Done Secret Seven Enid Blyton 1951
18Shock for the Secret Seven Enid Blyton 1961
19Three Cheers Secret Seven Enid Blyton 1956
20Secret Seven Fireworks Enid Blyton 1959
21Look Out Secret Seven Enid Blyton 1962
22Secret Seven Win Through Enid Blyton 1955
23The Seven and Father Christmas Enid Blyton 1981
24Five Run Away Together Enid Blyton 1944
25Five Go Out Camping Enid Blyton 1948
26Five on a Secret Trail Enid Blyton 1956
27Five Go To Mystery Moor Enid Blyton 1954
28Five Get into a Fix Enid Blyton 1958
29Five Go to Billycock Hill Enid Blyton 1957
30Five Go to Finniston Farm Enid Blyton 1960
31Five Have Plenty of Fun Enid Blyton 1955
32Five Go to Smugglers Top Enid Blyton 1945
33Five Have a Mystery to Solve Enid Blyton 1962
34Five on a Treasure Island Enid Blyton 1942
35Mystery of the Cliff Castle Enid Blyton 1947
36Smuggler Ben Enid Blyton 1943
37First Term at Malory Towers Enid Blyton 1946
38The Adventurous Four Again Enid Blyton 1955
39The Mystery at The Ski Jump Carolyn Keene 1952
40The Clue in the Diary Carolyn Keene 1932
41The Invisible Intruder Carolyn Keene 1969
42The Clue of the Old Album Carolyn Keene 1947
43The Message in the Hollow Oak Carolyn Keene 1935
44The Ringmaster’s Secret Carolyn Keene 1953
45Mystery of the Tolling Bell Carolyn Keene 1946
46The Mystery of the 99 Steps Carolyn Keene 1966
47The Eskimo’s Secret Carolyn Keene 1985
48The Bluebeard Room Carolyn Keene 1985
49Two Points to Murder Carolyn Keene 1987
50The Clue of the Dancing Puppet Carolyn Keene 1962
51The Last Resort Carolyn Keene 1990
52The Sinister Omen Carolyn Keene 1982
53The Flying Saucer Mystery Carolyn Keene 1980
54The Mystery of the Chinese Junk Franklin W. Dixon 1960
55The Tower Treasure Franklin W. Dixon 1927
56The Mysterious Caravan Franklin W. Dixon 1975
57The Secret of the Caves Franklin W. Dixon 1929
58The Great Airport Mystery Franklin W. Dixon 1930
59The Mystery at the Crisscross Shadows Franklin W. Dixon 1953
60The Twisted Claw Franklin W. Dixon 1939
61The Secret of the Pirate Hill Franklin W. Dixon 1956
62The Arctic Patrol Mystery Franklin W. Dixon 1969
63The Clue of the Screeching Owl Franklin W. Dixon 1962
64The Phantom Freighter Franklin W. Dixon 1947
65The Hidden Harbour Mystery Franklin W. Dixon 1935
66The Mystery at the Devil’s Paw Franklin W. Dixon 1959
67The Shore Road Mystery Franklin W. Dixon 1928
68The Mystery of the Sinister Signpost Franklin W. Dixon 1936
69The Shattered Helmet Franklin W. Dixon 1973
70The Haunted Fort Franklin W. Dixon 1965
71The Stone Idol Franklin W. Dixon 1981
72The Yellow Feather Mystery Franklin W. Dixon 1954
73The Night of the Werewolf Franklin W. Dixon 1979
74The Mystery of the Cabin Island Franklin W. Dixon 1929
75The Infinity Clue Franklin W. Dixon 1981
76Danger on the Air Franklin W. Dixon 1989
77The Skyfire Puzzle Franklin W. Dixon 1985
78The Secret of the Old Mill Franklin W. Dixon 1927
79Wipeout Franklin W. Dixon 1989
80While the Clock Ticked Franklin W. Dixon 1932
81The Disappearing Floor Franklin W. Dixon 1940
82Spark of Suspicion Franklin W. Dixon 1989
83The Mystery of the Silver Star Franklin W. Dixon 1987
84Secret Cargo Franklin W. Dixon,
Carolyn Keene
85The Alaskan Mystery Franklin W. Dixon,
Carolyn Keene
86The Mystery of the Terror Castle Alfred Hitchcock 1964
87The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure Alfred Hitchcock 1966
88The Mystery of the Dancing Devil Alfred Hitchcock 1976
89The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy Alfred Hitchcock 1965
90The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot Alfred Hitchcock 1964
91The Mystery of the Singing Serpent Alfred Hitchcock 1971
92The Mystery of the Silver Spider Alfred Hitchcock 1968
93The Mystery of the Green Ghost Alfred Hitchcock 1965
94The Mystery of the Invisible Dog Alfred Hitchcock 1973
95The Mystery of the Death Trap Mine Alfred Hitchcock 1976
96The Mystery of the Wandering Caveman Alfred Hitchcock 1982
97The Mystery of the Kidnapped Whale Alfred Hitchcock 1983
98Five Little Pigs Agatha Christie 1942
99Death Comes as the End Agatha Christie 1944
100By the Pricking of the Thumbs Agatha Christie 1968

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