Professional Summary
Total work experience: 18+ years
Technical Background
Primary skill set: C/C++ development in Unix (Solaris/Linux) environment
Operating SystemsUnix/Linux (Solaris, Fedora, CentOS).
Languages/scriptsC++, C. Moderate knowledge of Perl, C#, SQL, Shell scripts
Toolsgdb, dbx, valgrind, svn, Perforce, MS Visual Studio, wireshark
DatabasesOracle, Berkeley DB, MySQL
Standards/ProtocolsIPv4/v6 routing protocols; netconf, SNMP, HTTP, SMS, LDAP, Wireless Village, MMS, JPEG, MPEG-4, -7
DomainsNetworking; Telecom; Performance; Image and video processing
Educational Qualification
Master of Engineering (M. E.), System Science & Automation, IISc Bangalore, 1998-2000
Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech), Electrical & Electronics Engg., IIT Madras, 1994-1998
Work Details
Work Experience at PacketDesign
Project Title/DescriptionRoute Explorer
Scope of the projectRoute Explorer provides network-layer management by leveraging the intelligence of IP routing
protocols to provide visibility into the complex interactions in IP networks. It provides unified,
network-wide Layer 3 monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting for Enterprise and Service Provider
networks across a broad range of popular routing protocols, across multiple areas and Autonomous
Systems (AS).
DurationSep 2007 till date
Current DesignationLead Software Engineer
Team sizeVarying from 4 to 25
RoleVarying from Individual Developer to Team Lead/Architect
Software/Platform/ToolsC++, Linux (CentOS),
IP Routing Protocols, netconf, SNMP, MySQL, subversion)

Work Experience at Persistent Systems
Project Title/DescriptionMMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Center)
Scope of the projectThe MMSC is a messaging solution for sending multimedia messages to and receiving them from a
variety of mobile devices.
DurationFeb-Sep 2007
Team size3
RolesDevelopment team lead
Software/Platform/Toolsdbx, C++, Solaris, Oracle, LDAP, Mobile Messaging Gateway

Project Title/DescriptionIMPS (Instant Messaging and Presence Server)
Scope of the projectThe IMPS is a messaging solution for sending instant messages over mobile devices based on the
Wireless Village protocol.
DurationSep 2003-Dec 2006
Team size5
RolesTeam lead, developer, Performance engineer
Software/Platform/Toolsdbx, C, C++, C#, Perl, Solaris, Oracle, LDAP, Mobile Messaging Gateway

Project Title/DescriptionAudio Transcoding Server
Scope of the projectATS is a media conversion server for waveform audio media types, for converting between different
audio formats and codecs.
DurationJan-Aug 2003
Team size1
Software/Platform/ToolsRational Purify, DDD, C++, Solaris, third party audio codecs

Project Title/DescriptionMessage Access Server
Scope of the projectThe server provides E-mail access, contact management and schedule management, etc. to their employees
from outside the firewall using mobile devices.
DurationMay-Dec 2002
Team size3
Software/Platform/ToolsExchange Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2000, C++, Windows, WebDAV

Work Experience at Sasken Communication Technologies
Project Title/DescriptionMPEG-4 Decoder
Scope of the projectThis project involved the conversion of available C implementation of MPEG-4 standard video (simple profile)
decoder to assembly code for Texas Instrument's DSP C5416.
DurationJan-Apr 2002
Team size4
Software/Platform/ToolsC, MPEG-4

Project Title/DescriptionMultimedia Search Engine
Scope of the projectThis involved the study of MPEG-7 standard, design and implementation of a multimedia search engine prototype
based on the standard features provided in the MPEG-7 standard to begin with, and then to develop proprietary
DurationSep 2000-Jan 2002
Team size6
Drafted an IP that was approved for utility patent filing in the USPTO: Indexing schemes for Dominant Color, Color
Histogram and Contour Shape image descriptors.
Software/Platform/ToolsC++, Windows, MS Visual Studio, MPEG-7, JPEG, Image processing